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The name is Shabbir Hossain.  I am a tireless seeker of knowledge, occasional purveyor of wisdom and also, accidentally a small business owner.

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How to Find and Buy A Profitable Gas Station

A Complete Guide to Gas Station Business A to Z

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Since the economic meltdown in 2008, we not only witnessed the collapse of housing market, but also the wave of small businesses that closed their doors for ever. Look back in your city, and I am sure you can identify many empty homes along with many small businesses such as restaurants, gift shops, clothing stores that are no longer there. Now let’s look again and see how many gas stations or convenience stores closed during the same period? Probably none. Instead you may notice there are newer stations are being build. Why is that? The answer is simple, it is a recession proof business. Regardless if you have a job or not, have a home or not, you still need gasoline for your car, milk for the kids, or cigarette, beer, soft drinks..

The neighborhood store is filled with your everyday needs. In this book we look deep inside and learn how and why this business model works and what is the best and economical way to get into this business. How to Find and Buy A Profitable Gas Station Business helps beginners and more seasoned business people understand how to be successful with gas station ownership. Across the United States, gas station businesses and convenience stores are proving decidedly profitable, even recession proof. As this book demonstrates, gas station businesses are easy to set up and manage. Following a few simple tips outlined in this book, it is possible for even first-time business owners to enjoy the benefits of a profitable, easy-to-manage business.

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