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Free Gas Station Business Plan

Five Things Your Gas Station Business Plan Should Contain

Before you start finding ways on how to buy a gas station, one of the many things you have to work on first is to establish a gas station business plan. Having a gas business plan will not only give you direction and focus, it will also make it easier for you to set up your gas station since you have a model to serve as your guide as you establish your business venture. To give you an idea on what you should look into when coming up with a well-thought business plan, here are some of the things you have to consider before you have your gas station set up.

List the Products and Services Your Gas Station Will Offer

One of important facets of your gas business plan is to determine what your gas station will actually offer. More than just offering gasoline, a gas station can sell other items such as food, toiletries, or medicine. Aside from products, indicate the different services you plan on offering to clients. This could be air for tires, water, mechanical services, cleaning, or even maintenance work. In your plan, be sure to indicate the reason why you want to offer these products and services and what forecast the benefits you can get from offering them in your station.

Set the Organization and Management of Your Gas Station

Every business requires manpower so one of the things your business plan should have is an organizational chart. This flow chart should display the hierarchy of your personnel including their job descriptions. Aside from coming up with a flow chart that lists your employees, you also need to come up with an organizational layout that describes the floor plan of your gas station.

Map Out Your Advertising Strategies

The business plan for your gas station franchise should contain the different advertising strategies you plan to implement to market your business. List down and describe each strategy and the budget you plan to allot for the campaign. You should also indicate if the advertising for your gas station is part of a blanket advertising campaign and if the corporation will provide you with added materials to help you in setting your advertisements. Additionally, be sure to indicate how advertising will be distributed.

Forecast Your Required Manpower

Once you’ve come up with an organizational flowchart for your employees, you need to determine how many personnel you need to hire for your gas station. In your business plan, indicate the ideal number of staff you want to have on your roster, the shifts they’ll be taking, and your forecasted salary for each one. You could also indicate the level of experience you plan to look when hiring personnel and whether you would like to do any background checks before having them work for you.

Determine a Budget For Insurance, Taxes, and Other Expenses

Setting up a gas station business requires you to pay off miscellaneous expenses, including insurance and taxes. So be sure to indicate the budget you have for each one in your business plan. This will make it easier for you to manage your finances and keep you from going overboard when it comes to your spending.

To Download a  Full Working Copy of a Gas Station

To Download a  Full Working Copy of a Gas Station Business Plan Click Here (Microsoft Word Format)

Sample Gas Station Business Plan

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