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In this section you will find some very essential forms and tools for your gas station business, these are all downloadable forms that you can download and use immediately.

Click Here to download Monthly P&L form (in Microsoft Excel Format)

ABC Petroleum P&L Blank

Here is another monthly P&L form (in Microsoft Excel Format)

Click Here to download this form

ABC Food and Gas Mart Monthly P&L

Here is sample Articles of Incorporation for State of Alabama

Click Here to download (in Microsoft Word Format)

ABC Petroleum Corp Article

Here is a Full Business plan you can use just by altering and adding your own information in it.

Click Here to download it (in Microsoft Word Format)


Here is a Personal Financial Statement that you can download and use by filling in the numbers and it will do the calculations for you.

Click Here to download it (in Microsoft Excel Format)


Here is the MA-CP Grid I mentioned in my podcast Episode-2

When you download it, make sure to open it with Microsoft Paint, this way you can edit and use this.

Click Here to download it (in PNG Format)


Here is Job/Employment Application you can print out and use for your business, just make sure to alter the top business name and change to your store name (In Microsoft Word Format)

Click Here to download this Application

job Application

Here are the tools I use for all my online businesses:

For Domain name

Name.com has the cheapest yearly renewal of all so I transferred all my domains there recently.

For Website Hosting

Bluehost has been really good to me


To hire writer, editors and all other talents online




To publish books




To become a Prescription drug card rep and make money go to:


To search for all other affiliate programs go to these market places




Gas Station Inventory Management and Bookkeeping Forms

Here are some very basic inventory and bookkeeping management tools everyone can use. All templates are created in Microsoft Excel format, so if you are downloading any of these tools please make sure you have Microsoft Office or Open Office installed in your computer.

Daily Books

Fuel-Meter Management Report

Purchase-Payout Book

Sample Deli Menu

Sample P&L


Gas Station Commercial Lease Sample (As I mentioned in episode 44)


Here is the Sample Fuel Supply Agreement (As I mentioned in Episode 45)



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